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* Re: [COFF] [TUHS] Demise of TeX and groff (was: roff(7))
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@ 2022-01-11  3:22               ` Adam Thornton
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From: Adam Thornton @ 2022-01-11  3:22 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TFX/VE6BBM); +Cc: Computer Old Farts Followers

Taking this to COFF...

> On Jan 10, 2022, at 7:13 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TFX/VE6BBM) <> wrote:
> Greg 'groggy' Lehey writes:
>> As long as man pages are formatted with ?roff, I don't see it going
>> away.  I don't suppose many people use troff any more, but there are
>> enough of us, and as long as man pages stay the way they are, I don't
>> think we're in any danger.
> Well there is mandoc(1).  But as time goes by they just seem to be
> re-implementing nroff.  Of course that *must* be easier than just
> learning n/troff in the first place :-P

As someone who did a lot of a Ph.D. in the history of computing, and then went into IT because he liked eating protein sometimes:

The great secret is that NO ONE EVER READS THE LITERATURE.

We have now made all the mistakes at least four times:

Once for each of mainframes, minis, micros, and mobile.

You can be a rock star at any development or operations job, even if you are, like me, a Bear Of Little Brain, simply by having some idea of what was tried already to solve a problem like this, and why it didn't work.

Which you can get by actually stopping to read up about your problem before diving headfirst into coding up a solution for it.

If you happen to get stinking rich from this advice, you can buy me a bottle of whiskey sometime.

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* Re: [COFF] *roff history as told to GNU
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@ 2022-01-13 20:40                                   ` Lars Brinkhoff
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From: Lars Brinkhoff @ 2022-01-13 20:40 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: John Labovitz; +Cc: G. Branden Robinson, The Eunuchs Hysterical Society

Moving to COFF.

John Labovitz wrote:
>>> The earliest known text-formatting software, TJ-2, was created by
>>> MIT-trained computer scientist Peter Samson in 1963.
>> I see claimed predecessors are JUSTIFY and TJ-1.  How do you feel
>> about those?
> I’m sure I looked for TJ-1 when I did this research — an obvious
> question, given the ‘2’ suffix — but didn’t find anything then. I’m
> not familiar with JUSTIFY.

Note, later there was also a TJ6 for the PDP-6, written by Richard

> Do you have links/info for those?

This one mentions TJ-1 near the end:

The TJ-2 page on Wikipedia mentions JUSTIFY and links here:
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2022-01-13 20:40                                   ` [COFF] *roff history as told to GNU Lars Brinkhoff

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