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From: Jackson Pauls <jacksonpauls@gmail.com>
To: discuss@mandoc.bsd.lv
Subject: Re: mandoc HTML output: minor issues
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 16:56:27 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <CAM9P35vmxiKjG8cujPnKhZnsnJKKPSUvZA0XHy3OrD_B_wPnrg@mail.gmail.com> (raw)
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Hi Anthony,

On 29 August 2017 at 09:47, Anthony J. Bentley <anthony@anjbe.name> wrote:
>> 4. Running v.Nu (https://validator.github.io/validator/) on a
>> collection of HTML files generated by mandoc picks up duplicate IDs,
>> and a bunch of other issues:
>> * unescaped characters in href attributes (%, "),
>> * unescaped characters in URL fragments (\, {, }, #, ^, [, ], <, |),
>> * <div>s appearing inside <pre>s, and
>> * mismatches between column count in <colgroup> and table rows.
>> I can gather a bunch of examples if of interest.
> Please do. mandoc(1) could use some improvement when it comes to
> producing valid HTML.

Ok, here goes:

Example of unescaped % in sudo.8:
 403 .It Li %H
375       [...]<a class="selflink" href="#%H">[...]
should be
<a class="selflink" href="#%25H">

Example of wrongly escaped double quote in sshd.8:
475 .It Cm command="command"
337   [...]<a class="selflink" href="#command=&quot;command&quot;">[...]
should be
<a class="selflink" href="#command=%22command%22">

Example of unescaped space character in URL path in sudoers.5:
3378 For more information see
2305     For more information see <a class="Xr" title="Xr"
the href should be "/1/GROUP%20PROVIDER%20PLUGINS"

Example of unescaped { and } characters in fragment in visudo.8:
347 .It Li Warning: unused {User,Runas,Host,Cmnd}_Alias
242 [...]<a class="selflink"
should be
<a class="selflink" href="#Warning:_unused_%7BUser,Runas,Host,Cmnd%7D_Alias">

There are other issues with unescaped characters in URL fragments,
which can only contain a limited set of characters:

Example of a <div> inside a <pre> (cause by a missing </pre>) in rpld.conf.5:
 96 .Bd -literal -ffset indent
 97         foo = something;
 98 or
 99 .Bd -literal -ffset indent
100         bar;
102 .Ed
 52 <div class="Bd" style="margin-left: 0.00ex;">
 53 <pre class="Li">
 54         foo = something;
 55 or
 57 <div class="Pp"></div>
 58 <div class="Bd" style="margin-left: 0.00ex;">
 59 <pre class="Li">
 60         bar;
 62 </pre>
 63 </div>
Maybe that's just an issue with the manual (missing .Ed), but maybe on
hitting the second .Bd mandoc(1) could assume an .Ed for the prior

Example of column count issue in tmux.1:
 475 .Bl -column "XXXXXXXXXX" "X"
 476 .It Sy "Token" Ta Sy "" Ta Sy "Meaning"
 372 <table class="Bl-column">
 373   <colgroup>
 374     <col style="width: 15.00ex;"/>
 375     <col style="min-width: 1.00ex;"/>
 376   </colgroup>
 377   <tr class="It-column">
 378     <td class="It-column"><b class="Sy" title="Sy">Token</b></td>
 379     <td class="It-column"><b class="Sy" title="Sy"></b></td>
 380     <td class="It-column"><b class="Sy" title="Sy">Meaning</b></td>
 381   </tr>
v.Nu says "error: A table row was 3 columns wide and exceeded the
column count established using column markup (2)," but in practice I'm
not sure how important this is.

Finally, one bonus oddity I just noticed, an opening paren "(" going
stray in dnstop.8:
165 .It *
166 show sources + 8th level query names
167 .It (
168 show sources + 9th level query names
178   <dt class="It-tag">*</dt>
179   <dd class="It-tag">show sources + 8th level query names</dd>
180   (
181   <dt class="It-tag"></dt>
182   <dd class="It-tag">show sources + 9th level query names</dd>

Cheers, Jackson

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