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* mandoc: document mandoc_recallocarray(3); patch found in my tree,
@ 2021-09-17 18:50 schwarze
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Log Message:
document mandoc_recallocarray(3);
patch found in my tree, apparently forgotten years ago

Modified Files:

Revision Data
Index: mandoc_malloc.3
RCS file: /home/cvs/mandoc/mandoc/mandoc_malloc.3,v
retrieving revision 1.2
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -Lmandoc_malloc.3 -Lmandoc_malloc.3 -u -p -r1.2 -r1.3
--- mandoc_malloc.3
+++ mandoc_malloc.3
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
 .Nm mandoc_realloc ,
 .Nm mandoc_reallocarray ,
 .Nm mandoc_calloc ,
+.Nm mandoc_recallocarray ,
 .Nm mandoc_strdup ,
 .Nm mandoc_strndup ,
 .Nm mandoc_asprintf
@@ -49,6 +50,13 @@
 .Fa "size_t nmemb"
 .Fa "size_t size"
+.Ft "void *"
+.Fo mandoc_recallocarray
+.Fa "void *ptr"
+.Fa "size_t oldnmemb"
+.Fa "size_t nmemb"
+.Fa "size_t size"
 .Ft "char *"
 .Fo mandoc_strdup
 .Fa "const char *s"
@@ -82,12 +90,15 @@ The function
 .Fn mandoc_malloc
 allocates one new object, leaving the memory uninitialized.
 The functions
-.Fn mandoc_realloc
+.Fn mandoc_realloc ,
+.Fn mandoc_reallocarray ,
-.Fn mandoc_reallocarray
+.Fn mandoc_recallocarray
 change the size of an existing object or array, possibly moving it.
 When shrinking the size, existing data is truncated; when growing,
-the additional memory is not initialized.
+.Fn mandoc_recallocarray
+initializes the new elements to zero.
 The function
 .Fn mandoc_calloc
 allocates a new array, initializing it to zero.
@@ -99,6 +110,9 @@ The argument
 .Fa nmemb
 is the new number of objects in the array.
 The argument
+.Fa oldnmemb
+is the number of objects in the array before the call.
+The argument
 .Fa ptr
 is a pointer to the existing object or array to be resized; if it is
 .Dv NULL ,
@@ -168,9 +182,13 @@ is a widespread extension that first app
 The function
 .Fn reallocarray
 is an extension that first appeared in
-.Ox 5.6 .
-If it is not provided by the operating system, the mandoc build system
-uses a bundled portable implementation.
+.Ox 5.6 ,
+.Fn recallocarray
+.Ox 6.1 .
+If these two are not provided by the operating system,
+the mandoc build system uses bundled portable implementations.
 The functions
 .Fn mandoc_malloc ,
@@ -181,11 +199,12 @@ and
 have been available since mandoc 1.9.12,
 .Fn mandoc_strndup
 since 1.11.5,
 .Fn mandoc_asprintf
+since 1.12.4,
 .Fn mandoc_reallocarray
-since 1.12.4 and 1.13.0.
+since 1.13.0, and
+.Fn mandoc_recallocarray
+since 1.14.2.
 .An Kristaps Dzonsons Aq Mt
 .An Ingo Schwarze Aq Mt
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2021-09-17 18:50 mandoc: document mandoc_recallocarray(3); patch found in my tree, schwarze

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