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From: "Sam Roberts" <sam@cogent.ca>
To: "rc" <rc@hawkwind.utcs.toronto.edu>
Subject: Re: building rc on QNX4
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:41:48 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <002701bfb089$027826a0$1403a8c0@cogent.ca> (raw)
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Said Scott Schwartz <schwartz@bio.cse.psu.edu>:
> Said Sam <sroberts@uniserve.com>:
> | Oh, and QNX also lacks a groff tex formatting system... do you
> | think you could distribute a pre-processed rc.1 as rc.man, so
> | it could be read by less? And how about postscript as well
> | (groff -man rc.1>rc.ps)?
> Years ago, Henry Spencer wrote a man-page-only-roff in awk for cnews,
> for just such a contingency.

That he's such a gifted awk hacker is pretty cool, but
I think it's easier to add a rule to the rc build to pack
the .man in with the distribution than to find that code!

Vrl, for example, has a vrl.man that comes with it.


Speaking of which, is this an appropriate place to talk about
vrl? I posted some diffs to the author, no response yet (only
been a day or so -- I'm just mentioning, not griping).

I had some trubles with it's termcap usage. It seems to
think that @7 is the keypad END key/capability. This wasn't
defined on my system, and while I found it defined in a bunch
of Linux termcap entries (mostly in what looked like old PC
consoles), it wasn't in the ansi entries.

Poking around it seemed the right thing was to use kh for HOME
and kH for END (vrl was using kh for HOME and @7 for END).

Any comments?


Also, I can't call 'login' from an rc shell, strangely, it
complains about not being session leader. I'm quite baffled.

I have to look into exactly what it takes to be a session
leader, calling setsid() at the beginning of main didn't
cut it, and the ps output for a ksh and rc don't seem to
show a difference in terms of how the sid, pgrp, and controlling
terminal are set up.


Also, I just noticed ^L doesn't clear the screen. I'll look
into that sometime.



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