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* Re: rc-1.5b3 nearly ready for release
       [not found] <aAUAAJF07DQ7pggA@nan.cygnus.co.uk>
@ 1998-02-20  1:08 ` Vincent Broman
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From: Vincent Broman @ 1998-02-20  1:08 UTC (permalink / raw)
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I tried out the nearly-rc-1.5b3 on sparc-sun-sunos413 with gcc
and it was OK except for one thing, the prototype for stat() in which.c
conflicts with that supplied by Sun, which lacks a "const".
I would suppose the prototype would belong in "sys/stat.h".
If we do need a declaration in which.c, it could be
no more than "extern int stat();".

The vanilla source compiles and trips fine on Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.1,
with gcc, libc 5.4.33, and kernel 2.0.33, except that
strangely enough "cat" writes its error message "cat: -: Bad file number"
twice in a row.  It seems to be cat's problem.

It might be nice if make distclean did not remove y.tab.?
in the case where byacc is not available.
The BUILT_SOURCES macro doesn't seem to include sigmsgs.h or y.tab.h .

The whole approach of grepping in signal.h for signal names and meanings
is inherently fragile and unnatural.  Based on a suggestion from the
Debian developers group, I quickly hacked together an auxillary C program
now found at http://archimedes.nosc.mil/transfer/mksignals.c
which checks by means of #ifdef for all the signal names found on machines
I have access to and writes out the sigmsgs.* files directly.
This means that mksignal could be replaced by mksignals.c,
with Makefile lines like these.

mksignals: $(srcdir)/mksignals.c
        $(CC) $(srcdir)/mksignals.c -o mksignals

sigmsgs.c sigmsgs.h: mksignals

A "make clean" should also remove the executable, mksignals.

The list of signal names could be easily expanded to included
any special signals defined on machines other than my own stable of:
linux, sunos, solaris, next, hpux, and os/2 emx.

Vincent Broman,   code D712 Bayside
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego              (was NOSC, NRaD)
San Diego, CA  92152-6145,  USA                          Phone: +1 619 553 1641
Email: broman at spawar.navy.mil or nosc.mil      PGP protected mail preferred.

Version: 2.6.2


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     [not found] <aAUAAJF07DQ7pggA@nan.cygnus.co.uk>
1998-02-20  1:08 ` rc-1.5b3 nearly ready for release Vincent Broman

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