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@ 1993-06-15 23:18 Alan Watson
  1993-06-15 23:25 ` mycroft
  1993-06-29  4:15 ` rc on Linux? Dave Mason
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From: Alan Watson @ 1993-06-15 23:18 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

As part of the FAQ list, I would like a table of architectures, OSes,
and compilers with which rc is known to work.  If you've managed to
compile rc on a system which you do not see on this list, please drop
me a line.  

Replies from RS/6000 and HP users would be especially welcome.  Has
anyone managed to get rc to compile on a VAX?  I spent a frustrating
hour battling vcc and pcc with unproto as my excalibur before retiring
from the field, but we don't have gcc on our VAXen.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this first time around.


1.4     Can I compile rc on a ... machine with ... operating system and
        ... compiler?

        rc is written in portable ANSI C, but it can be compiled by many
        older C compilers after passing the sources through unproto (get
        /pub/unix/unproto4.shar.Z by anonymous FTP from ftp.win.tue.nl).

        If you use gcc, make sure it is at least as new as v1.39.

        rc has been successfully compiled on systems with the following
        combinations of architectures, operating systems, and compilers:

            DEC MIPS       Ultrix v4.[23]      gcc v2
            DEC MIPS       Ultrix v4.3         cc        [a][b]
            DEC Alpha      OSF/1 v1.2          cc        [a][b][n]
            DEC Alpha      OSF/1 v1.2          cc -std1  [a][n]

            Sun SPARC      Solaris v2          gcc v2    [c][n]
            Sun SPARC                          acc       [c][d][n]
            Sun SPARC      SunOS v4.1.3        cc        [a][b][c][n]
            Sun SPARC      SunOS v4.1.[123]    gcc v2    [c][n]
            Sun SPARC      BSD                           [c][n]
            Sun 68K        SunOS 3.5           gcc v1    [c][n]
            Sun 68K        SunOS v4.0.3        lcc       [c][e][n]

            SGI Iris       Irix v[45].x        gcc v2

            Apollo 68K     DomainOS v10.4      cc        [a][f][m]
            Apollo 10000   DomainOS v10.4      cc        [a][f][m]

            Convex C1      ConvexOS v10.1      cc        [a]

            Pyramid 9810   OSx 5.1a            cc -Xa    [a][f][g]

            IBM RS/6000                        cc

            i386/i486      SCO-ODT SVR3        gcc v2    [h][i]
            i386/i486      SCO-ODT SVR3        cc        [h][i]
            i386           Minix v1.5                    [h]

            Cray Y-MP      Unicos 6.1.7        scc       [j][k]

            NeXT           NeXT OS v2.x        gcc v2    [l]
            NeXT           NeXT OS v3.0        gcc v2    [l]


            [a] The native C compiler.
            [b] Sources pre-processed with unproto.
            [c] Sun's yacc has a memory leak -- use another
                implementation such as GNU bison (see 7.4).
            [d] The unbundled ANSI compiler.
            [e] rc v1.2.
            [f] BSD universe.
            [g] This compiler has no stdarg.h, but vararg.h sufficed.
            [h] Requires intervention by hand to get mksignal to work,
                because of deficient sh, awk, etc.
            [i] See 4.13.
            [j] Minor modifications required to prototypes.
            [k] See 4.13.
            [l] See 5.6.
            [m] See 5.5.
            [n] See 1.5.

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1993-06-15 23:18 FAQ system list Alan Watson
1993-06-15 23:25 ` mycroft
1993-06-29  4:15 ` rc on Linux? Dave Mason

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