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From: "Chaotrope" <>
To: <Jim.Robinson@Stanford.Edu>, "Aharon Robbins" <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: 9term under Linux?
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 19:25:45 -0500	[thread overview]
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On 99.01.27

> James A. Robinson <Jim.Robinson@Stanford.Edu>

replied to

>  Aharon Robbins <>
> Cc:

on the

> Subject: Re: 9term under Linux? 

> I've got 9term, 9wm, 9menu, wily, sam, and rc working on my 
> system. I really love the interface! =)
> Jim

This plan9 interface that Jim has is exactly what started
me a few months back investigating getting a Linux system even 
tho I swore a number of years ago that I'd no longer spend my 
own money on computer stuff (I've got two closets full of junk 

I read some articles of Aharon's (Arnold's) in 1995 "Linux Journal"
and had the old R. Pike 'sam' article, and have been 'window shopping'
(where in this case 'window' has nothing to do with Microsoft) with
the intent of maybe putting together some no name x86 system.

So when I read here that Arnold has difficulties, I think, Maybe I'm
over my head, if *HE* has problems, what am I going to run into?! 

Thus far, Debian is the only Linux dist that has p9 emu binaries at
its ftp site (Red Hat has 'sam' only). The NeBSD/FreeBSD people
even have a 'plan9' directory at their ftp sites, just like an
'editors' and  a 'TeX' directory. So I'm leaning toward BSD rather
than Linux just because that indicates to me that these people are
"thinking" along those lines.

So my question is, e.g., Jim, what are you using? Is there a general
consensus on ease of installation, whatever, getting this p9 'look and
feel grafted on top of what version of Unix? Are there known problems
with (obviously) RedHat vs. whatever?

TIA,              - kim

BTW, Aharon/Arnold: I enjoyed your LJ articles enough that I'm
planning to get your AWK book just because I assume it will be well
written also.

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