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From: Will Senn <>
To: Noel Chiappa <>,
Subject: Re: [TUHS] svr2 delete behavior
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 08:56:12 -0600	[thread overview]
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On 12/27/21 8:37 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Will Senn
>      > anything similar to modern behavior when handling the delete/backspace
>      > key where the character is deleted from the input and rubbed out? The
>      > default, like in v6/v7 for erase and kill is # and @. I can live with
>      > this, if I can't get it to do the rubout, because at least you can see
>      > the # in the input
> I use ASCII 'backspace' (^H) on my V6, and it 'sort of' works; it doesn't
> erase the deleted character on the screen, but if one then types corrected
> characters, they overlay the deleted ones, leaving the corrected input.  That
> should work on everything later than V6.
> The MIT PWB1 tty handler (link in a prior message) not only supported a 'kill
> line' (we generally used '^U') which actually visibly deleted the old line
> contents (on screen terminals, of course; on printing terminals you're
> stuck), it also had suppport for '^R' (re-type line) and some other stuff.
> 	Noel
Hi Noel, that's interesting.

I hadn't tried it in v6 in a while. I'd pretty much resigned myself to # 
and @. But I see the effect in v6, even without changing stty and it 
'works', but in svr2, if I type lsa and then hit ^H it backs up a place, 
but then when I press enter the shell says something along the lines of 
- lsa^H: not found. But by adding stty erase ^H, it then 'works' the 
same as in v6. Seth's steer regarding setting erase and echoe 'fixed' 
things, once I figured out that having DEL doubling as intr wasn't ideal.

Oh, the mysteries of terminal interaction. Add the fact that I'm using 
Mac OS's Terminal, and no telling what could happen. I generally turn on 
Option as Meta magic but I don't remap ^H as DEL :).


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