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From: Skirmisher <>
Subject: Re: pinebookpro-kernel: update to 5.14.0
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 22:43:17 +0200	[thread overview]
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New comment by Skirmisher on void-packages repository

> > fix panel reset
> Not sure what this does / how to reproduce the issue.

I haven't seen it either, but the commit message says it's something to do with warm reboots, and seems to work around it by basically power-cycling the panel regulator.

> > U-boot framebuffer console works, but when it hands off to the kernel, it doesn't handle the LCD properly, and it flickers brightly several times before the kernel gets a handle on it. It's...pretty bad.
> Yeah I noticed that on both 5.10 and 5.14 with the new u-boot. It was not as bad with 5.10 from what I could tell, but it still had a noticeable flicker.
> Is this specific to us/Void or is it also the case for other distros?

I can't imagine why it would be specific to Void, unless a config option is somehow the culprit, or someone has come up with a patch I didn't see. But I haven't checked on other distros specifically, or asked other users.

> > I did notice that when I got dropped into a rescue shell (for unrelated reasons) the keyboard didn't appear to work at all
> > I haven't looked into the changed config, is it possible that the module changed from built-in to module?
> I did not change any built ins to modules (at least purposefully...). I wonder if it happens on both 5.10 and 5.14, or just on 5.14.

I did confirm that all the relevant drivers (ehci_hcd/etc., usbhid, hid-generic) are still built in, which is what made it weird. But I also haven't tested it again, since changing the kernel cmdline is kind of a manual process.

> > strange issues like Fn-Alt-PrintScreen not working for magic sysrq combos
> I'll try to test those if I have a minute.

It might well be a keyboard firmware issue too, in which case it has nothing to do with Void. Maybe I'll try reverting to the stock firmware (which has its own issues...) and see if that changes its behavior.

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