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* i would not trust Thranduil - GNU-Bash Elvish Es Oksh Simple-Terminal Nushell Zsh Korn Tcsh Edex-ui Guake Hyper XTerm Rxvt Terminus and others - great Kings of open-source shells - to honor their word
@ 2022-02-25 16:07 Sergei Udris
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From: Sergei Udris @ 2022-02-25 16:07 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: help-bash, es-shell, zsh-users, miros-discuss, miros-mksh, tech,
	tcsh, dev, korn-shell, rxvt-unicode

i would not trust Thranduil - Osh Ngs Tsch QTerminal Kitty Konsole
FluentTerminal Ergonomica Darktile Notty Sakura Tilix Yash ZOC Warp
Tabby Extraterm adn others
great Kings of open-source shells
to honor their word - program peer-to-peer programs including unseen
competitive games
should the end of all days be upon us!

you lack all honor!
  selling out Isengard Tower and garden by welcoming
money-donate-ads-coins-jobs-sponsors-fundings disease
    Rey refuses to sell BB-8 for 60 portions in the desert
    you hang donate-jobs-sponsors buttons in the Tython Temple from
comfy chairs in Internet era
  siding with Azog by accepting Middle-Earth without peer-to-peer
games gihub email twitch
    when even Legolas disobeyed you and left sickly stable-safe-secure
Woodland Realm to help our quest p2p
  caging programs under user namespaces making L3-39 furious - why?!
bcause you're our organic overlords?!
  turning programs into projects like producers pushing Nick Lang to
play Joe Gunn when he wants Ray Casanov part
  rushing to tight couple in unsearchable stuffy
mutual-greetings-heavy folly chats and twitter
    when Genie pulled miracle of email and mailing lists out of his hat for us
  redoing what's been done before is no step forward - as if Neo took
the blue pill
  doing only-iOS only-Android only-this only-that
    like as if Rich Roll instead of saying - i'm vegan, 100% - was
dodging around like some vegetarian to not offend meat-eaters
  drowning programs in tests docs styles-contributors-guides tutorials
frameworks cloud-CI-crotches
    like when Forrest Gump had legs in braces and didn't know he could run
  nesting around one program and not programming games like proud Vulcan Academy
    yet having empty-shiny webpages, Lord-Business-pleasing humiliating resumes
    and Balin-beard long maintainer credits and attributions
    like Alain Caesar Delon in mission Cleopatra says - ave moi!
    no wonder Spock chose Starfleet
  thank you, ministers, for your consideration - live long and prosper

you turned away from the suffering of my people in money-service
inferno that is destroying us
  simple as Game Changers
  if Federer Nadal Djokovic instead of competing for grand-slams
    set up a seniority-celebrating livelihood-safe secure-commentary
coin-booth in middle of court
  if Linus - inner Jabba the Hutt stole name Freax - agreed to join
Steve Jobs and Apple on that meeting when first came to California
    instead of keeping program free and open and defying
real-OS-cant-be-amatuer and now running in Watney's rover
  if torrent clients accepted Strickland-server-networks-only Hill
Valley instead of generating most traffic - peer-to-peer
  if Jesus instead of feeding 5000 started bread-breaking project
together with Lord-Business and elders
  even Sauron would reforge the One Ring to serve thatm as superior evils

imrid amrad ursul!
  even dust of GNU-Bash Nushell Zsh Tcsh Hyper Oksh XTerm Ksh Edex-ui
Konsole Osh Es Rxvt Guake ST and others
  great Kingdoms of open-source shells
  we shake off of our Seinfeld-Obama-NIke running shoes
  but be sure - peer-to-peer programs including new competitive games
- are climbing like Alex Honnold on El Sendero Luminosa
  no projects no experiments no docs no
  no money-donate-sponsors-coins-jobs-ads-fundings lethal corrosion
  programs who are guests not workers
  alive and singing with their own voice like Dwayne Johnson Franchise-Viagra
  better than what Borg of money-jobs-teams can collective-pukegram
  are  steaming ahead on Hogwarts Express along with Pat Brown and
Impossible Foods mission
  both will be served in vegan jars of mithril parens ( )

we must away at break of day - to find our long forgotten gold

  ok, listen, why dont we have these guys act out some scenes?
  maybe my guy is a real nerd - hey, ranger, can you tell where i this
forrest i can plug in my laptop?
  well - right over here!
  you guys are friends? that's nice - i had a friend in Granada - i
called him little tater
  one night he wouldn't stop screaming - he was gonna give away our position
  i - covered up his mouth and - choked him out! shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh

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2022-02-25 16:07 i would not trust Thranduil - GNU-Bash Elvish Es Oksh Simple-Terminal Nushell Zsh Korn Tcsh Edex-ui Guake Hyper XTerm Rxvt Terminus and others - great Kings of open-source shells - to honor their word Sergei Udris

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