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From: william@thinktankworkspaces.com
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] Introduction and regarding guidance
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 21:22:49 -0700	[thread overview]
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I use drawterm cloned from git repo via cmd line ./drawterm -a ip -h ip -u username and only enter password once unless
I have ipso in /lib/profile then I use the password twice. 

Quoth sirjofri <sirjofri+ml-9front@sirjofri.de>:
> Hello,
> 02.06.2022 03:54:41 Noam Preil <noam@pixelhero.dev>:
> > I looked into this a few months ago for much the same reason.
> >
> > First, drawterm has to auth *to* the remote, to start the session. To 
> > do
> > so via secstore, it loads the auth key from secstore, discards the
> > secstore file, and uses the key to auth in (then forgetting the key as
> > with any other).
> >
> > Factotum loaded *from the remote end* then gets started, and wants the
> > keys from secstore. So, it logs into secstore as with any other time
> > you run auth/factotum in userspace.
> >
> > In theory, there's a couple solutions:
> >
> > * Accept the status quo. This isn't a great answer, but really there's
> > two things doing authentication, so why *shouldn't* it ask for the
> > password twice?
> That's what I currently personally do. Also sometimes you don't need a 
> factotum at all.
> > * Well, maybe there shouldn't be two things during authentication. If
> > factotum is run *by drawterm*, and that normal factotum is used for
> > initial auth, then there's no need to run factotum after connecting, 
> > and
> > the password only gets asked for once.
> If you look in default lib/profile that's what is done here: the 
> /mnt/term/dev/secstore file is read into /mnt/factotum/ctl to add the 
> keys, then the file is cleared. So much for the theory, I never got it 
> working.
> > * Or, maybe drawterm should hold on to the factotum keys from secstore,
> > seed them to the factotum, and *then* forget them.
> In lib/profile this isn't done by drawterm, and I think drawterm should 
> be agnostic to the factotum system of the host.
> > There's probably a couple options I haven't thought of. The hardest 
> > part
> > is to figure out *desired* behavior. Once that's known, the actual code
> > should be relatively straightforward.
> What I believe would be a huge step forward: imagine drawterm just has a 
> full factotum device like a 9 host. You could just forget about running a 
> factotum on the host at all, and just bind /mnt/term/mnt/drawterm 
> /mnt/drawterm and call it a day. It would be possible, but someone has to 
> port factotum to drawterm, I can imagine it's not that easy because of 
> platform specific code.
> Some magician who listens could do that.
> My 2 cents, as a drawterm-on-windows user.
> sirjofri

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