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From: Kian Kasad <>
To: John Keeping <>
Subject: Re: User-configurable log graph option
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 13:08:20 -0800	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20211230210820.3ncgngexbbhlpbdq@frisbee.local> (raw)
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On 21/02/19 12:22PM, John Keeping wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 02:31:26PM -0800, Kian Kasad wrote:
> > I'm using cgit on my website and I'm wondering if it's possible to allow
> > the user (i.e. the person visiting the site) to choose whether or not
> > the commit graph is displayed on the log page.
> > 
> > If this isn't currently possible, what do you think about adding such
> > functionality? Maybe something like how the diff page lets the user
> > choose between a "unified diff" and "ssdiff".
> This sounds like a great new feature!
> I think we still want to allow the administrator to turn the feature
> on/off but if it is permitted, then it makes sense to allow the end user
> to choose whether or not they want it enabled.

Following up on this as I'm finally getting around to implementing this
feature. I'm not too familiar with CGit's codebase, so I think it would
be easier to implement this as a separate "graph" page which is
identical to the log page except that it always displays a graph.

This graph page would only be shown in the navbar's tab list if the
"enable-commit-graph" option is set to "separate" in the configuration.
If it is set to "combined" then the graph page will be disabled and the
commit graph will be displayed on the log page as it currently is when
the "enable-commit-graph" option is set to "1".

In order to maintain backwards compatibility, the value "1" could also
be interpreted as the value "combined" since it has the same
functionality currently.

The value "none" (or "0" for backwards compatibility) would disable the
graph page as well as disabling the commit graph on the log page.

I've already started working on this as I want it for my own CGit site.
If this is something that the maintainer(s) want to integrate, I'll send
patches when I'm done.

Kian Kasad

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2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 1/6] Implement parsing of new enable-commit-graph option Kian Kasad
2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 2/6] Add graph page Kian Kasad
2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 3/6] Don't display commit age on " Kian Kasad
2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 4/6] Don't display graph page if enable-commit-graph is not set to "separate" Kian Kasad
2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 5/6] Add graph page tab if enable-commit-graph is " Kian Kasad
2022-08-05  4:59       ` [PATCH 6/6] Document new enable-commit-graph option Kian Kasad
2023-01-05 23:14     ` Follow-up: User-configurable log graph option Kian Kasad
2023-07-01  6:28       ` Daniel Campbell

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