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From: Tom Culliton <culliton@clark.net>
To: alan@oldp.nmsu.edu, rc@hawkwind.utcs.toronto.edu
Subject: Re: RC => POSIX
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 12:40:01 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <199703061740.MAA17601@clark.net> (raw)

> The behaviour of rc is, for all intents and purposes, fixed. We are

Agreed...  More or less...  We never did get an official version with
read in it as Byron discussed once.

> talking about rc-1.5 not because we want new features or want bugs
> fixed,

Even if we don't add new features I'd sure like to see bugs fixed!  And
yes, there are bugs, software without bugs is even rarer than being 
alive and not having dirty laundry.  I'd like to see a 1.5 with the   
known good fixes incorporated before we start talking about any major
rewrites.  Personally I plan to do my part by running rc through every
static and dynamic checker available to me, and posting fixes for 
anything that turns up.

> but because we want rc-1.4 to work on new iron. Presumably,
> those people with old iron can continue to run rc-1.4.

This was exactly what I was arguing against!


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