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* Re:  rsh and rc
@ 1996-12-06 21:07 Alan Watson
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From: Alan Watson @ 1996-12-06 21:07 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: mkgardne, rc

I'd hazard a guess that when you exec you throw away the arguments to
the shell (which are probably -c 'arguments to rsh' or something like

I'd just wait for rc to appear in /etc/shells. Many failed attempts to
get rc to do the right thing when exec-ed out of a .cshrc lead me to

    An alternative method is to invoke rc from your .profile file or
    its equivalent, but this has so many drawbacks that I cannot
    recommend it.

in the rc FAQ (ftp://oldp.nmsu.edu/pub/alan/rc/rc-faq).

Regards, and welcome on board,


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* Re: rsh and rc
@ 1996-12-06 22:39 Byron Rakitzis
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From: Byron Rakitzis @ 1996-12-06 22:39 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: mkgardne; +Cc: rc

I've seen this problem on Solaris as well, and I think my shell is
in /etc/shells also.

The problem is that there appears to be a bug in Solaris wait() so
that it returns ECHILD even when there is a dead child outstanding.

The only workaround I have found so far is to recompile with -lbsd
and go with the compatability-package wait(). It appears that POSIX
no longer supports the usual wait semantics. There is some other
call that you are supposed to use instead -- waitpid, something
like that, and I haven't bothered to learn about it yet. Nevermind
that I don't have access to Solaris machines these days any more,

Sorry, I am writing in great haste right now, I hope the above
makes some sense.


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* rsh and rc
@ 1996-12-06 20:50 Mark K. Gardner
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From: Mark K. Gardner @ 1996-12-06 20:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

Has anyone managed to get rsh to work when rc is the shell at both
ends? rc is running (I can tell because of an echo command in .rcrc),
but my command doesn't get run (either that or stdout is not being
sent back).

  ; rsh -n perts0 uptime
  In .rcrc!                                <- due to echo in .rcrc

[Setup: I am exec'ing rc from .tcshrc, since our sysadmin has yet to
add rc to /etc/shells. When I use tcsh instead of rc, rsh works fine.
The bin and home directories are identical (i.e., shared). We are
running Solaris v2.5.1.]


Mark (mkgardne@cs.uiuc.edu)     -- Up and coming fan of the rc shell.

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