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* Beta release rc-1.6b1
@ 1999-11-11 13:27 Tim Goodwin
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From: Tim Goodwin @ 1999-11-11 13:27 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

A new beta release of rc is available, rc-1.6b1.  Details of changes
since rc-1.6 are below; they are minor, and mostly concern portability
to more distant cousins of Unix, such as CygWin and BeOS.


Please try this beta on as many wierd and wonderful systems as you can.
Let me know of any problems: my aim is that `sh configure; make' should
produce a working rc on any system sufficiently close to Unix to have
`sh' and `make' :-).



  Portability: the proposed C 9x __va_copy() macro is called that, not
  va_copy(), as I thought.  Furthermore, it is defined to be a macro, so
  we don't need to use autoconf to check for it.


  Bug: absolute globs don't need special case in doglob().  Avoids
  creating path names like `//tmp', which is a UNC path under CygWin.


  Portability: status.c assumes traditional Unix layout of 0 and 1 exit
  statuses in the parent, which is not shared by BeOS.  Add mkstatval.c.


  Bug: a read(2) error in fdgchar() should call rc_raise(), not
  rc_exit().  This bug is easily tickled on systems (like Linux) which
  allow you to open(2) but not read(2) directories: `. /tmp'.  In all
  previous versions of rc, this caused the shell to exit.

  Portability: use POSIX strerror() where it's available; fake it with
  sys_errlist[] where not.

  Feature: replace `-V' with `version' variable.


  Portability: exporting `path' causes indigestion in CygWin.  Since
  it's virtually impossible for a child `rc' process to inherit `path'
  (which I consider a bug, but it's not going to be fixed now), simply
  don't export `path'.

  Portability: add /usr/bsd to default default path.

  Documentation: failing to search $path for a `.' command is at least
  an incompatibility with Tenth Edition rc, and probably a bug.


  Feature: make `version' a list.


  Documentation: when running configure, you need to set LDFLAGS for
  `-L' options, not LIBS.

  Release: rc-1.6b1.

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1999-11-11 13:27 Beta release rc-1.6b1 Tim Goodwin

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