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From: Phil Budne <>
Subject: [TUHS] Re: Early supported UNIX manual
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 13:04:54 -0500	[thread overview]
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Jonathan Gray asked:
> Is there an access() system call?


> or alarm() and pause() system calls added in the v6 "50 changes"

yes to both

> or changes to C such as libS/stdio, unsigned and typedef which would
> later show up in the compiler on the phototypesetter version 7 tape.
> usr/source/c_compiler/ on the unsw3 tape may be close to that compiler,
> it isn't the same as the pwb compiler.

The getc and putc man page synopsis look identical to the ones at

Section VI differs from

Mine has (in addition to those in v6)
	agen -- generates associative memory drivers
	hyphen -- find hyphenated words
	lex -- generate programs for simple lexical analysis
	ptx -- permuted index
	tmac -- -ms macros which is ms(vii) in v6

And from v6 is missing: azel col graph m6 plot quiz sky speak spline tbl tmg

Compared to the v7 lex, the one command line argument is "-code",
equivalent to a first input line of "%-code" which changes the output
prefix from "yy" to "code".

Compared to v6, Section I is missing: eqn, lpr, man, neqn, newgrp,
opr, rc, rev, roff, spell, tee, troff.

But has:
	lc (LIL compiler)
	mtm (magnetic tape manipulation),
	onintr (specify interrupt handling for a command file)
	read/open/onend (sequential file read)
	req (rewind tape)
	sum (sum file)

The one man page I compared is yacc(I) which is missing the '-r'
(ratfor) option present in v6

The manual is typeset, and the inside of the cover page days "This
manual was set by a Grahpic Systems phototypesetter driven by the
troff formatting program under the UNIX system.  The text of the
manual was prepared using the ed text editor"

No sign of new archive format.

I have only the manual pages, so I can't speak to the state of C.

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