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* [Edbrowse-dev] jdb exit
@ 2018-02-02 23:45 Karl Dahlke
  2018-02-03  1:18 ` Kevin Carhart
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From: Karl Dahlke @ 2018-02-02 23:45 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Edbrowse-dev

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Ok, there are maybe 3 of us, at most, who debug edbrowse using jdb, and I'm one of them.
Sometimes I type in a long hairy expression this.that.whatever[foo][bar] and I get an answer, and maybe it's just [object].
There's no information in that.
I have to type all that stuff in again and assign it to a variable, or put ok() around it or whatever.
It's annoying.
Now, I'm a long time bc user, partly because I'm a math guy.
In bc, dot as a stand alone entity is the last value printed.
Try it, bring up bc, and enter 3+4, and then enter a dot and it will say 7.
That would be awfully awfully nice in jdb.
If I want to know more about what just came up I could say x = . just to put it in a variable, and then work with x, and I don't have to type all that in again.
For consistency then, dot on its own should reprint the value, but dot on its own exits jdb.
Well sure, dot on its own exits data entry in edbrowse. That's where it came from, but I'd rather have dot be the last value.
Now qt is another way to exit but I almost don't like that one.
If you thought you were in jdb and weren't, and type qt, all of edbrowse goes away.
q might be the best way to exit, as long as you don't use the variable q.
Another way is bye, which ftp has used for 30 years, or even exit, or quit, which is the way out of bc.
So for the 3 people who do this, would . as last value be useful, (I can already answer yest to that one),
and if we do that, what is the best and least confusing way or ways to exit jdb?
Also, are there any edbrowse commands that jdb should perhaps honor?
An obvious example is db to change debug levels.
At times I wish it would honor e1 e2 etc,
to move to another edbrowse session where I am doing something else, and I could switch back to this session and still be in jdb,
right now I have to exit jdb, e2 somewhere else, e1 back, and then go back into jdb.

If I don't get any comments I'll do whatever I please, since none of this affects the users, it's just for developers.

Karl Dahlke

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* Re: [Edbrowse-dev] jdb exit
  2018-02-02 23:45 [Edbrowse-dev] jdb exit Karl Dahlke
@ 2018-02-03  1:18 ` Kevin Carhart
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From: Kevin Carhart @ 2018-02-03  1:18 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Edbrowse-dev

Hi Karl

I am excited about all the improvements, and have not scratched the 
surface of the immediate evaluation changes yet!  I read your recent 
narratives about what has been going on.

I would definitely take advantage of anything you are considering adding 
to jdb.  Things that result in a lot of retyping or copying and pasting 

- The new is the same as the old, but you want to add another piece of 
traversal on the end


- Wrapping ok around your last thing, which you mentioned

- Needing to enumerate a small series of indices.  And the dynamic bit may 
be in the middle of a static bit that recurs like

x1 = document.forms[0].action
x2 = document.forms[1].action
x3 = document.forms[2].action

Maybe I know that one of the 3 forms is the main one, but there is also a 
"search" box in the page's header.  So I have to enumerate bits and pieces 
to get my bearings.

JDB is javascript after all, so some of this can be done by entering 
little JS expressions.  But access to the last command, or to the recent 
history, would be excellent.

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2018-02-02 23:45 [Edbrowse-dev] jdb exit Karl Dahlke
2018-02-03  1:18 ` Kevin Carhart

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