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From: hiro <23hiro@gmail.com>
To: 9fans <9fans@9fans.net>
Subject: Re: [9fans] Sponsoring a new Intro book by the Flan 9 Poundation
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 09:58:38 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <CAFSF3XNByAC8LV57zE69kkc3eeQsqZmVqTtPrCeO22Q0UJYsmA@mail.gmail.com> (raw)
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> Insulting people... First this moron that is polluting the mailing
> list with his stupid bot. It can be funny to you now, wait some
> time when you'll try to search the archives.

Are you now trying to casually create the impression that you must
have confused mycroftiv with said bot?

> Then this person starts with this social justice hunting crap,

"social justice hunting" is not descriptive at all.

maybe the term you're searching for is denunciation. and maybe you got
"triggered" (oh the irony) by him not clarifying or backing up with
any kind of evidence.

otoh 9fans has proven itself to be very resistant to general public
opining. which i think we both agree is indeed a good thing. one
single mail (not spamming in my books if it only happens ~once per

> attributing political views to a plan9 contributor because "maybe
> I have heard secondhand..." and then trying to censor his book
> "[...]support oppression[...]", the most complete introductory book
> to plan9 (language faults apart) that exists nowadays. For those
> who don't know, he wrote also an extensive commentary to the Plan
> 9 source code following John Lions' style, there is nothing like
> that anywhere else.
> And now he is a victim.

is he? he got accused of one thing by one man. does that make him a
victim? is there a mob, pounding on him, like they do on twitter?

> And all the trolling around... give me a break.

i promise there will be a break in trolling once you learn to make a
coherent argument.

> I don't know J. Ballesteros. I don't know what are his political
> views. I don't bloody care.

I don't bloody care that you don't bloody care.

> This is not a twitter morons'
> group.

In any case 9fans is not twitter, it's up to you to keep your
"morons'" groupies out of this list.

> Just for curiosity

so you're not here to stand for some of your important political
opinions after all? it's all just funny to you?

> in what thread people has been harassed here

every mac os thread is harassment.

> for race, sexual orientation, disablility or whatever you want to

it happens that fashion and disability isn't supported by plan 9. we
discriminate hostowners though.

> add to the list social champion?

social champion? where do you learn terms like this? twitter again?
can i not take part in this conversation without knowing twitter

> A decade ago this list was still a pleasant space

not really. but i guess you weren't around to truly experience it?
haven't seen your name in older archives.

> with the typical well known trolls vomiting now and then, yes, but still full of
> knowledge and good spirits.

now you are afraid to call the names? or are you just too lazy to
actually read 10 years of emails so you're trying your luck with
unbacked claims, too?

> I don't think there is a point to be subscribed to what is left of
> 9fans anymore.

do us the favour then.

> Sorry Rux Cox, last reply.

(while clearly not addressed to me)
excellent. thanks for leaving after all.

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